MEGA Accelerator


14 MEGA shopping centres
11 cities in Russia
2.2 million m2 of gross leasable area
275 million visitors a year 
3000 stores
800 brands
The startup sphere is a great source of revolutionary ideas

MEGA Accelerator

IKEA Centres Russia is constantly following the new trends in retail industry and it is looking for innovative ideas that can improve customer experience of MEGA beyond the typical shopping center experience. The startup sphere is a great source of revolutionary ideas. We truly believe that the startup ecosystem can teach important lessons to big companies driving innovative and transformational growth of retail as a whole.

That is why we decided to create MEGA Accelerator, a vehicle for identifying and growing innovative startup companies to become potential business partners for IKEA Centres Russia.


Goals and challenges of MEGA Accelerator

The goal is to identify bright entrepreneurs in the Russian market with innovative ideas that would enrich retail environment and create a more enjoyable shopping experience. For this year’s program, we plan to accelerate products and services that extend customer experience with MEGA, beyond a typical shopping center experience.

For this year’s program, we plan to accelerate products and services from one of the following categories:

  • smart, intuitive and interactive solutions to collect and respond to customer’s insights (including social network involvement)
  • solutions that will make the customer’s experience with the shopping centre extremely personal
  • solutions that will boost efficiency of shopping centre operations
  • solutions that enhance the shopping experience and create an environments where customers can experiment and learn
  • solutions that positivly impact comunity around the shopping centre You can either present the title and the details together


We are implementing MEGA Accelerator project with the support of GVA LaunchGurus, a leader among business accelerators in Russia. GVA will support both the launch and the execution of the 12-week accelerator program, provide experts and a proven acceleration methodology. Both IKEA Centres Russia and GVA will use their extensive network to bring in mentors and experts into the programme.

Project timing

The official registration period starts on December 7th and closes on 15 February 2016. Teams selected into the accelerator will be announced at the end of February 2016. Acceleration period during MEGA Accelerator program will last for 12 weeks, at the end of which one winner will be selected.

Acceleration period

The 12-weeks program will be very intense and will require full dedication from participants. It will include master classes, workshops, work with coaches, IKEA Centres Russia experts and external experts, peer-2-peer work sessions and on-site testing of business ideas.

Candidates will have weekly milestones as well as larger milestones within the program. The milestones will be determined jointly by the teams, coaches and experts. A set of recommended tools, readings and specific trainings will be provided individually depending on the deliverables.

Mentors and coaches

Coaches and mentors are an integral part of the program. They play a dual role of a mentor and a consultant guiding entrepreneurs through the program and helping to shape a startup into a working business.

All coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and have hands-on experience in running innovative businesses. Some are also angel investors that have shares in other startups. Coaches and experts will be selected in accordance with the ideas that will be presented by participating teams.


Teams applying for participation should consist of 2-4 people having the legal right to work in Russia. IKEA Centres Russia employees, their relatives as well as current contractors are not allowed to participate. There will be attendance criteria for the team members during the 12 weeks of acceleration.

Download rules
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Rules and selection process

The teams interested to join will need to submit their application online by filling in the application form. The initial selection will be done based on this application form. Shortlisted teams will be invited for an interview with the organizers of MEGA Accelerator.

Startups selected for participation in MEGA ACCELERATOR project will gain the opportunity to network, learn and get mentorship from leading industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors and will also gain access to top quality retail experience from IKEA Centres Russia representatives.

Funding and awards

All participants selected into the accelerator will receive an initial funding of RUB 350 000 per team and free co-working facilities in the Khimki Business Park. In addition to that, the winning team can receive an 1 year supplier agreement contract with IKEA Centres Russia and an award of RUB 3,500,000 (as advance payment for contracted services/products).

Co-Working space

IKEA Centres Russia will provide participating teams with the opportunity to work in a specially designed co-working space as well as all necessary resources and tools for the development of ideas.

MEGA Accelerator participants get free access to brand new co-working space in the Khimki Business Park.
Welcoming space, sustainable community, services and many other nice features at your service.